Tuesday, 4 February 2014

DNC Board Meeting Minutes - Feb 4, 2014

DNC Board Meeting Minutes - February 4, 2014

Board Attendees: DJ, Roland C., Jezz M., Jacek L., Ludvik L., Leo M., Richard C.,
Other Attendees: Debbie K., Clea M., Ian R., James O., Bill B., Richard Cz., 

Homes for the Homeless
Debbie Krull
Health Care Van

MOTION: Leo motions to accept the agenda. Jacek seconds. Motion passes.

Debbie asks that the dates and times for the LAPP sessions be posted in the minutes.
Jacek gives a summary of what is going on at the LAPP. Housing is priority. 4 other chapters determined
Roland stresses that the DNC should get an office in Woodwards.
DJ mentions again that Wendy asked her to resign from the DNC
DJ also mentions that there is an apology letter for her at the Carnegie 

Homes for the Homeless
Ludvik summarizes his work for homeless people that are trying to beat addictions
Working poor to get help
Ludvik has people in France, Germany, and US helping him to make a truly global organization
Working on society paperwork
Sandeep in India, someone in Germany and in US.
Will help people to transition while they start working. Need help cooking, proper diet, provide transitional housing. Housing should be a working building.

Debbie Krull – says that she stepped down before Christmas because of stress. Would like to keep her activities within the Women’s committee. She represents the single parent community and network of moms.
Discussion of all the stressors on board members due to the constant attacks by Wendy and the Carnegie folks. We should make accommodation for this and support each other.

Health Care Van
Discussion of the DNC health care van. Roland presents the magnetic sticker for the side of the van.
Discussion that removing people’s supports can threaten their lives.
Ludvik – objects to the operators being paid less than minimum wage.
Leo – there is a first aid attendant at the van at all times. It is also a great way for the DNC to start talking about health care issues.
Jezz – Jezz offers to help with the van, he has level 2 first aid. He still holds a valid license.
James – have we given any consideration as to what happens if someone dies. Is this something we need to worry about?
Roland – no one has ever died at VANDU in the years that they have run their IR room.
Ludvik – argues that we should take names of the people using the van.
DJ – we have a narcan group at lifeskills every second Tuesday. The most important thing is to know what they are using, then you can care for them.
Ian – Ian worked at Insite for a number of years. Insite does not take names. The thing that they do ask is what drugs they are using because narcan will not work for speed, crack, etc… only for opiates.
James – Insite uses code names but they have lookups associated with their code names so they can access the medical information. It is still better than an alley for the users.
Leo – Here we can develop the protocols, and learn how to help people. Ann has reached out to us for help, we should try and help her.
Roland - it is not the role of the DNC to micromanage the project
Ludvik – Insite is only open from 10am-3pm.

Debbie says that she is doing case work and a badge number that was given was not an officer that was on shift.

Leo – we brought up the issue of $5 honoraria for board members last week. This could get more people to come to our meetings. We could do this as a trial run.
Jacek – coffee is going to run about $0.50 per cup. Honoraria will cover people’s time.
Leo brings up the bins for various purposes. Also that our meeting stops at 5:30pm the latest.
MOTION: Leo motions that we give honoraria for meetings. DJ seconds.

Discussion – Richard argues that we should move the meeting time to 5pm. It also means that low income people will come. DJ says that she is talking to lots of women that may want to come to the board meetings.

motion passes

Motion to adjourn

Moment of Silence