Tuesday, 14 January 2014

DNC Board Meeting Minutes - Jan 14, 2014

DNC Board Meeting Minutes - Jan 14, 2014

Board Members: Roland C., Jacek L., Leo M., Jezz M., James O., Jewels C., Jamie R.,
Non-board members: Ian R., April S., Richard Cz., Ann L., Carl, Mark

Women’s Committee
Budget/Financial Update
LAPP Update
Harm Reduction

Agenda adopted by motion

Women’s Committee and Budget
Jewels begins the discussion by describing a budget to be used to buy supplies to make crafts. Dream catchers, bracelets, things branded with the DNC logo. These things can be sold at the Street Market.
Jezz describes preliminary budget (11 months of $909 per month)
Items on budget are phones, roughly $30 for food and coffee for board meetings
Goal is to preserve $3k-$4k as a buffer.
Roland gives general summary of how the $5k was spent
Approx: 63% spent on food at board meetings, 23% spent on phones, and 14% on misc items (printing, Dodson rental, post office box, etc…)
Ann discusses the way that phones work at VANDU – people must answer their phones during certain hours, must keep the phone, etc…
James sets a time for the budget meeting this Thursday 11am WAVES
MOTION: James motions, Leo seconds to approve the budget of $200 for crafts for the Women’s group. motion passes.
LAPP Update
Jacek summarizes the DNC survey responses
Tomorrow there is a co-chair’s meeting to discuss how to run the LAPP meeting on Friday.
This is the last LAPP meeting before the Council meeting on March 12th.
Discussion of the Swanson email that said that they did not want to participate in the survey.
Discussion that policing is not mentioned in the report
Discussion of the fact that Carnegie Centre gets $20M but Woodwards space gets no support

Harm Reduction
Ann presents the history of what has happened recently with VCH and the injection room closure.
VIDUS has concluded that IV users that needed assistance had the highest rates of aids and HEPC.
Insite said that nurses could not help people inject that are able to inject themselves.
VANDU started the program
Thomas Kerr studied the project “assisted injections”.
In new VANDU office about five years now, two years later started the assisted IR.
No one has ever died in the VANDU injection room
New federal law regarding injection sites will allow police to veto any site
Suspicion is that VPD said that they would permit Insite if VANDU was shut down
50-100 people injecting in VANDU everyday
VCH said that they would “monitor the overdoses” ie. They are expecting a spike in deaths. This is not acceptable to the neighbourhood.
Van will start running tonight
DNC can make a stand on this issue and demand to have a say in responsive health care for the community
Plan is to start at 3pm in the afternoon and operate near Dunlevy
Discussion of liability, and risks
MOTION: James O motions, Jamie R seconds, that this project be backed by DNC and that DNC be the agency of reckoning for the mobile van IR project. Motion passes.
Jewels wants a copy of C2 law
Membership/General Meeting discussion
Decision to meet at Waves at 11am

Free Loop
Need to follow up with Translink and push at the LAPP

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

DNC Board Meeting Minutes – January 7th, 2014

DNC Board Meeting Minutes – January 7th, 2014

Board Members: Roland C., Leo M., Jacek L., Jezz M., Ludvik S., Stephen B., Hendrik B., James O., Bill B.,
General Members/Guests: April S., Richard Cz., Clea, Hala

Financial Report
      Women’s Committee
      LAPP Report
      Organizational Discussion – behavior and food

Jezz volunteers to chair
James reads the constitution
Round of introductions
MOTION: Roland moves that the Agenda be adopted. Jacek seconds. Motion passes.

Financial Report
We just received an additional $10,000 from Vancity Foundation.
The CCEC bank account balance is now $10,388.12
James suggests using this money for a general meeting
Jezz, Ludvik, James, Jacek volunteer to meet and come up with a budget for the next year.
Stephen demands that he receive a binder and is really mad that he did not get a binder
Roland volunteers to get 5 binders together for new board members
Jezz volunteers to hold these binders until they are needed

Women’s Committee
DJ, Jewels want to make arts and crafts to raise money for the DNC
Hendrik suggests sponsoring Tina to cook meals for our meetings, and maybe sell the food
MOTION: Jezz motions that we get a plan for arts and crafts spending for women’s committee and present it to the board. Roland seconds. Motion passes.

LAPP Discussion
Jacek shows the 180 page plan. Discussion of the survey.
MOTION:  Roland motions that only membership driven organizations that have a majority of their members that are DTES residents, or business associations representing businesses within the DTES, should be allowed to participate in the post-LAPP implementation process or council. This would specifically exclude non-profits that only employ workers from outside the neighbourhood. Hendrik seconds. Motion passes.
Discussion of getting people to go to the Strathcona meeting tomorrow
Discussion of poster-ing up and inviting people to the next few board meetings and devoting a large block of time to the LAPP discussion and outreach

Organizational Discussion – behavior and food
Jezz discusses ways that we could prioritize our actions
Hendrik – should start cooking food for the board meetings
James – shows the tenants rights card
James reads the letter from VANDU to move him from outside their door

Motion to adjourn