Tuesday, 10 December 2013

DNC Board Meeting Minutes - December 10, 2013

Board Members: Jacek L, Jim O, Steve B, Leo M, Jezz M, Ludvik S, DJ, Richard C, Roland C, Rob M
10 Board members in attendance
Non-Board Members: Richard, April,

1)      Debbie Krull
2)      Christmas Open House
3)      Women’s group
4)      W-space meeting
Richard chairs
Discussion of agenda. Motion to accept the agenda passes.
Clea will not be able to make it until after Christmas

Debbie email – Roland reads her email saying she needs to take a leave from DNC

Christmas Open House
Discussion of our Christmas party on December 17th, 2013
Richard – should call it Christmas Open House and Get Together
Coffee, Tea, Eggnog, Cider, Dessert Squares, Chips
Invitation to all the non-profits
VANDU, WISH, Lookout, Raincity, PHS, etc… should get invites
Ludvik – mentions about $65 worth of stuff in his fridge purchased for the last aborted general meeting in September. We can have cheese plates with crackers.

MOTION: Richard motions a budget of $150 for the Christmas party on the 17th. Leo seconds. Motion passes.

W-Space Meeting
Discussion of the meeting on December 14th at noon on the 10th floor ballroom. The city has been paying for the space – over $85,000 per year – for almost a year now. Why are they willing to pay for the space if it is empty and not if it is occupied? The city needs to prove that it is willing to support the community.

Women’s Group Sub-Committee
Jewels announces that there was a meeting of a new women’s sub-cmte of the DNC last week.

MOTION: Roland motions to create a women’s sub-committee of the DNC that will deal with issues such as empowerment, education, entrepreneurship, women’s safety, sharing and collaboration.
Ludvik seconds. motion passes

LAPP Meeting
Discussion of meeting at 5:30 today
Why don’t we have a soft copy. Should demand 20 more copies for the board.
We need to have a serious discussion of why the DNC is involved in the LAPP. If we cannot get serious commitments out of the city to support public community space (ie. Forgive the $85k) and support the street market
Discussion that we still have a chance to ask for concessions from the City in order to play nice at the LAPP approval council meeting on March 12th.

Rob mentions the attack websites on Facebook and Google sites run by Tami and Wendy that do nothing but attack the DNC.
We have information from two board members that they were offered money from Wendy Pedersen to resign from the board of the DNC
Tami Starlight is sending emails slamming the DNC, and runs the anti-DNC websites.

MOTION: Rob motions that Wendy Pedersen due to her actions in the past year against the DNC is no longer a member in good standing. Leo seconds. Motion passes unanimously.

MOTION: Jim motions that Tami Starlight due to her actions in the past year against the DNC is no longer a member in good standing. Jezz seconds. Motion passes unanimously.

General agreement that these two former members can come to the board and appeal this decision.

Motion to adjourn
Moment of Silence

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

DNC Board Meeting Minutes - December 3, 2013

DNC Board Minutes - December 3, 2013

Board Members: Roland C., Jacek L., Jewels C., Henrik B., Jezz M., Bill B., Jim O., Debbie K., Rob M., Richard C.,
10 board members present
Non-Board Members: April S., Richard Cz, Scott C.,
3 non-board members present

 - Street Market Seat
Metro Vancouver Alliance
W-Space update
WAHRS march

DTES LAPP meeting tomorrow discussing the situation with the vacated seats.
Should go there with an agenda and not allow BCS to railroad us anymore.

MOTION: Roland motions that we declare the 6 vacated seats at the DTES LAPP empty and that these seats can be filled by under represented groups or groups that wish to regain their seats may also apply to regain their seats. Richard seconds. motion passes.

MOTION: Richard motions that the DNC should support the Street Market in requesting a seat at the DTES LAPP table. Jim seconds. motion passes.

MOTION: Hendrik motions that the DNC request a seat at the DTES LAPP for Village Vancouver. Roland seconds. motion passes.

MOTION: Bill motions to request a seat at the DTES LAPP for AFD. Roland seconds. motion passes.

Some discussion of Kelvin and AFD takes place.

MOTION: Jacek motions that LAPP safety be discussed at tomorrows meeting and that this needs to be a priority at the upcoming LAPP meetings. Roland seconds. motion passes.

Discussion of the fact that Herb shoved Jim O on the same day that the fight occured between Herb and Jim.
Jacek mentions that Herb was abusive and rude at the co-chair meeting and said the f-word several times.
Jacek mentions that he was afraid at one point that he would be hit by Herb. When Michael threatened to call the meeting, Herb continued to be abusive and would not stop.
Richard - this should call into question why he should immediately be offered a seat at the LAPP table given this history of misbehavior.

Metro Vancouver Alliance
Non-partisan group operating for many years
They ask questions of the candidates and then hold them to account.
They are planning to be active in the upcoming municipal election
Meeting today at 7pm, Roland and Scott and Hendrik will go.

W-space update
The space has been vacant for almost a year now.
Debbie - The woodsquat demanded that the area be community space and we should not have to pay for it
Roland - demand that DNC get this space should be included in the LAPP report
Post LAPP should include a plan for DNC getting an office

Scott - There is a community meeting on December 14th (noon-3pm). Facebook. Invite everyone. There will be food.

Roland reports that we have less than $700 in the bank
Discussion of all board members need to contact Catherine Ludgate demanding continued funding of the DNC
Roland discusses the filming at pigeon park and how $500 was offered to the street market just for moving out of the way. DERA used to receive all of this money, now the DNC should go after it. This is the way the SRA is funded.

MOTION: Jim motions to investigate the finances of DERA and find out about the past funding and the film
contracts. Roland seconds. motion passes.

WAHRS demonstration
Rob - DNC should support our aboriginal brothers back east
CCAP was not there, Rob expresses distain for CCAP

Discussion that Wendy Pedersen tried to get DJ Joe and Hendrik to resign from the board. The attacks continue to this day on the DNC from the infamous five

Discussion that we can eventually just declare them not in good standing if they do not submit their complaints by a certain date. This way the conflict will be over since it will no longer be an internal DNC struggle.

MOTION: Rob motions that Scott become a board member of the DNC
motion tabled until next week

MOTION: Debbie motions to be the DNC representative at Stamps housing family group on the parent to parent project talking about bedbug control. Roland seconds. motion passes.

motion to adjourn
moment of silence