Thursday, 28 February 2013

DNC Board Meeting - February 28, 2013

DNC Board Meeting - February 28, 2013

Attendees: 13 total, 11 board members

Debbie Krull, Diane Johnston, Roland Clarke, Jacek Lorek, Ludvik Skalicky, Bill Beauregarde, Richard Cunningham, Elvy Del Bianco, Leo Mayo, James Oickle, Kelvin Bee, Garvin Snider, DJ Joe

1) Elvy Del Bianco - vancity
2) W2 - space, membership
3) LAPP - Herb txts
4) General Meeting - money
5) DNFD letter

Debbie does opening, Motion to accept the agenda (to move past minutes to allow Elvy to speak), Jacek motions, Debbie seconds, motion carries

Elvy - The vancouver economic commission is looking for a technology centre at the police station. Elvy's group - pushing for a social innovation hub, a model that was originated in Toronto. Co-ops, groups. Want a focus on social innovation rather than Tech. This comes out of a project initiated by Jim Green. Building is a bunker, but if
it doesn't happen there, it will happen elsewhere. It is significant as a place related to the missing women tragedy. Make it a community asset rather than a community blight. Asking for 1.5 million for project. SFU has agreed to do some fund raising. Want it open to the community to make it as flexible as possible. Group from california wants to fill it with market renters. This is not a vancity driven project, but they want to provide money. There could be a lot of other uses for the building, but we want to get a positive impact on the community. Talked about roof top green space. 65,000 sqft of usable space not including basement.

Garvin talks of social housing projects that have not been completed
James - what are the other uses for the space?

Elvy - the city is not looking for housing in there. they originally just wanted a tech centre. Then they added social innovation. We want to be mainly social innovation with tech added on. We definitely want to include artists

Garvin - I just came from Ottawa. Talked to a group like Pivot.

Elvy - Vancity is interested in funding the legacy for Jim Green. City will own it, separate non-profit (Jim Green Society) will lease it. Non-profit would have to come up with a fee structure to make it work but it would have to be sustaining in the long run. There would have to be some renters paying market rent - such as SFU, etc...

Garvin - hope in shadows, and megaphone co-exist, street market also is a self sustaining enterprise

Elvy - these are exactly the kind of relationships that we want to create

Richard - what do you want from the DNC?

Elvy - We have a draft letter of support. Drop dead date is around the middle of March
Decision to have Roland email Elvy and then forward the letter to the rest of the board

Roland reads minutes
James comments on bowing out. Says that he only bowed out if it was necessary and still wants to be a co-chair alternate. Richard motions to accept minutes with ammendments, Lu seconds, motion carries


Debbie - W2 got evicted because of non-payment of amenity fees. W2 has 300+ members, but no one was consulted. W2 had several partners in the beginning, but other groups left because of the length of time it took
to take space.
Goals: 1) biz plan, 2) meet with stake holders; 3) find way to pay amenity fee People are invited to Tues/Wed W2 meetings, Talk now of developing a Co-op to break up the amenity fee W2 society did lay off staff, and agree to work with city. Board agreed to step down, we are looking for more directors that won't be intimidated. Debt of W2 is around $350k. DNC could be a low income renter. Street Market as well. Richard suggests sending two people to the meeting on Tuesday. Garvin volunteers to go. Perhaps Leo also.

Richard - commenting on Herb not reporting to the board. We had contacted him many times, but he is still claiming that he was not contacted. Ivan was doing his thing of trying to say that we shouldn't
even in the room.
Jacek - the co-chair meeting, Ivan came very well prepared and came with minutes to a GM many months ago. The decision was that the position of the co-chair would be decided between Richard and Herb. Now Herb does not want to come to the board meetings. Ivan also has the minutes and why doesn't the DNC have them
Roland - Ivan just wants to create conflict, if we ask for the minutes we will just get sucked into the fight, let's just move on and ignore him
Garvin - we approached the secretary at the AGM - letizia, we have already made the ask, I agree, lets just move on
Debbie - the LAPP is important, we are still not getting a report from the LAPP, and we have a member of the board making up his own rules, I do not have time to be an alternate any more because of the work at

General Meeting

We need about $300+$120+$150+$50 = $620 or so for all the expenses

Garvin - I can contribute $500 in my mother's name to the GM fund
Roland - I can donate $150 from previous year's GM fund from anonymous donor
Bill - I can contribute $100
Bill later hands Roland $100 and Roland makes a receipt and Bill,
Roland, and Garvin sign it

Roland says that an independent facilitator can be found to make sure that we are not vulnerable to an attack or takeover. Roland will ask Helesia for help with this. Discussion of setting date for GM and whether we have enough capacity as a board to carry it off. General agreement that we are now strong enough to run a GM

Richard motions to set a date for the next GM of April 6th, Roland seconds, motion carries
Bill volunteers to make posters

DNFD Letter

Letter is read through and discussed
Diane motions to support DNFD letter, Jacek seconds, motion carries

Garvin's trip

Saw Libby Davies, and delivered them some DTES newspapers, met a lot
of people, a lot of offices have the megaphone and other DTES papers
now. There is a lot of development going on but they are creating
community spaces. Ethos - in Ottawa, partnering to create hub space on
bank street perhaps youth space or internet cafe. Great trip, well
worth the 3 day bus ride.

Richard - motion to adjourn, Jacek seconds, motion carries

Thursday, 21 February 2013

DNC Board Meeting Minutes Feb 21, 2013

DNC Board Meeting Minutes Feb 21, 2013

Attendees: Richard Cunningham, Roland Clarke, Jacek Lorek, Bill Beauregarde, Ludvik Skalicky, Leo Mayo, Pete Fry, Diane Johnston, Debbie Krull, James Oickle

Opening, Housekeeping, Minutes, Agenda

1) SRA Letter
2) LAPP Process
3) Money - Accounts, Helesia, Vancity
4) General Meeting
5) Building ID Checks
6) Conflicts

Debbie does the opening, Roland reads the constitution, James reads the minutes

Jacek: mistake on minutes, Hank Bee was an attendee, also - Bill: decision regarding James was unanimous with one abstention to let James stay and that board believed that there was no safety issue

Debbie motions to accept minutes with corrections, Lu seconds, motion passes
Lu motions to accept agenda, Debbie seconds, motion passes

1) SRA Letter

Pete introduces himself as a new chair of SRA, SRA is more representative now with some low income renters. Has a personal issue to protect the low income rental stock. Talks of viaducts plan. Destruction of Hogan's Alley, and moving immigrant community out of neighbourhood. Geoff Meggs promised to get rid of traffic on Prior and Venebles. Land underneath viaducts is owned by concord pacific. Deaths happening on Prior. Some talk of shooting traffic along Malkin. City pitted the gardens guys against the Strathcona people.
1) 30 km zone on Prior
2) Reduce prior traffic flow
3) move the trucks to malkin/national
4) physically limit the six lanes on Pacific and prior east of Quebec
5) Dedicate resources to development of an eastern core strategy

Federal money comes in to build overpasses where road meets rail
Impact on Fire Station? Not large. How soon are they going to start breaking ground?

Community meeting on March 6th at Strathcona Community Centre
Could be opportunities to get community pool or other amenities if we create a united front

Debbie motions to support the SRA Letter to CoV and write an additional DNC letter with housing demands
Diane seconds, motion passes
2) LAPP Process

Richard and Debbie discuss the Monday and Tuesday LAPP round tables, Tom said today that there is one co-chair and one alternate, says that there will be no problem for Richard and Debbie to assume the roles of Co-Chair, there is a Co-Chair meeting before the Tuesday meeting, this will help prepare them. James bows out as LAPP Co-Chair alternate and says that he will ask Tom for a seat as DERA representative.

Jacek motions to find out the reality of the Vancouver Foundation grant to CCAP for the LAPP process, Roland seconds, motion passes
3) Money

CCEC account is functioning now, need to meet at Vancity Chinatown at 12:30 on Friday to discuss Vancity account
Review of meeting with Helesia, set up meeting with Catherine from VanCity to look into funding for DNC
Tuesday morning is set for best date for meeting with VanCity funder
4) General Meeting

Discussion tabled until we have a meeting with our potential funder
Helesia offers to help and provide an independent parliamentarian to facilitate in case of trouble
5) Conflicts

We need third party to come in and resolve the issue for us. A respected person that can resolve conflicts

Richard motions to write Jenn a letter that she needs to give the board advanced warning to attend a board meeting, Roland seconds, motion carries.Note: the board believes that there is no safety issue
6) Taking IDs at Atira buildings

Process is being phased out of taking ID at the desk according to Lu. PHS is still taking IDs. Carl rooms as well according to Richard.
Campaign against guest fees suggested by Roland 

7:00pm motion to adjourn
Richard does closing

Thursday, 14 February 2013

DNC Board Meeting February 14th, 2013

DNC Board Meeting February 14th, 2013

Attendees: DJ Joe, Boomer B, Leo Mayo, Ludvik Skalicky, Jacek Lorek, 
Roland Clarke, Richard Cunningham, Kelvin Bee, James Oickle, Debbie Krull, 
Diane Johnston, Bill Beauregarde, Dave Murray

Richard cooks a delicious meal
Roland Chairs, takes minutes
Kelvin does the opening
James reads the minutes from Feb 7

Motion to accept or amend minutes
Debbie - there was a discussion of creating a conflict resolution committee
Richard motions to accept minutes, DJ seconds


Proposed Agenda
-Feb 14 March
-Bottle Depot
-Housing Committee + Shelter
-Community Announcements

LAPP Discussion

Kelvin - AFD is out of the LAPP. They are playing god with people's lives.
Jacek - we have no report on what is going on at the LAPP. I went to a meeting and they are talking about specifics and we need to know what is going on. Jacek motions to replace the DNC representative

Jenn came to meeting, asked James to Leave
Decision was made by the room that James would stay 

Richard - discusses that the DNC seat is really a CCAP seat
Debbie wanted to know how many groups have pulled out of the LAPP
Kelvin - LAPP is complicated and DNC will not be able to get up to speed
Constitution for LAPP is falling apart, LAPP will effect 18,000 people's lives
Roland - we should shake things up and find out what is going on before we make any moves to leave
James - if co-chair is getting money, we should be getting a report from the co-chair
Jacek - we should find out what is going on at the very least. I went to a meeting, and real issues were being discussed
Richard - I agree.We should find out what is going on and we should come in with our own agenda. What would be the process?
Roland - We would just notify them of our decision to change the co-chairs
Debbie - reads some of the agenda and attendees of the LAPP meetings from her email

Bill motions to appoint Richard C as Co-Chair and Debbie as Alternate and James O as Alternate for the DNC. This would replace the current co-chair of Herb Varley and alternate of Wendy Pedersen. DJ seconds. Motion Passes.

Richard proposes that a letter be written to the city regarding the change in Co-Chair position for the LAPP. Roland volunteers to write the letter and work with Richard before sending it.

New Quick Business

Appointing Hank as new board member
Hank gives a brief introduction to himself and his issues
Richard motions to appoint Hank as a board member at large, Jacek seconds. Motion passes

Dave Murray brings SALOME issue to the DNC
Testing of dilaud and heroine treatment by Providence Health Care to end. Letter to urge them to continue program.

Richard motions to support the letter to continue the SALOME research study, James seconds. Motion passes unanimously.

Bill motions to add a letter from the DNC to the Providence Health Care
Roland volunteers to get Dave to help him write the letter

Feb 14th Women's March

DJ - is very tired and gives summary of March. It was an awesome march. Lots of people came out. Lots of comments on the March and how the tragedy continues in the DTES

Bottle Depot

It was not proposed before the LAPP, so it has to go through the LAPP
If the developer waits until after the LAPP, they can do anything they want
Atira bought the site and is supposedly building social housing
Decision to find out details on the project so we can call them on it if they
are saying it is social housing and it is not really social housing

Housing Committee

Debbie talks of developing a model ending segregation in social housing and wants to advance the interest of social housing.
Dave suggests contacting Jean Swanson regarding housing.
Debbie talks of the housing societies that are not responsive and only take care of certain cultural or racial groups, and that sometimes people do not have accountability or responsiveness in their housing.

Decision to strike a housing committee and work closely with the shelter committee

ALIVE community celebration May 5, meet up on Thursday 1-3pm at woodwards
Homeground is coming up, the week after welfare, DNC should participate and have a table
We will contact Andrea at Lifeskills to set this up

Motion to adjourn
Closing, and moment of silence

Thursday, 7 February 2013

DNC Board Meeting February 7th, 2013

DNC Board Meeting February 7th, 2013

Attendees: Roland Clarke, Diane Johnston, Debbie Krull, Jacek Lorek, James Oickle, DJ Joe, 
Leo Mayo, Tami Starlight, Krista-Dawn Kinsey, Bill Beauregarde

Proposed Agenda
1) Treasurer's Report
2) Salome Support
4) DTEast Discussion
5) Street Market Update: RPICs, Local Artists
6) DJ: Amy Salmon
7) Rally for Chelsea Holden
8) Upcoming Provincial Election

Diane does the opening

Debbie reads minutes from Jan 31 board meeting
Roland motions to adopt minutes, Jacek seconds, motion carries
Roland volunteers to write minutes for this meeting, no objection
Diane moves to accept agenda, DJ seconds, motion carries

Treasurer's Report 
CCEC needs one more signature on card - Kelvin, Needs two more signers to go down there to CCEC.
Then we can file with the province, then we can get access to the VanCity account because our docs need
to match with the provincial filings

Salome Letter 
Dave did not come to the meeting
James motions to ask Dave Murray to email board members some links or info on the project
Jacek seconds, motion passes

Discussion of the fact that Herb has not given a report this year, and missed the last 5 board meetings.
James volunteers to be the DNC representative and Co-chair of the LAPP
Jacek - motions to write a letter to Herb asking him to give a report to the board on the LAPP.
Debbie - being at the SRA meeting brought forward a massive gap in the LAPP process on lack of engagement from families and chinese community

DTEast Discussion
Discussion of having a disclaimer on the website 
Discussion of Helesia's warning that board could get sued if someone sues the paper
Discussion of Jacek going to the DTEast meeting and getting kicked out by Ivan Drury
Roland argues that we need to have a disclaimer in order to protect ourselves
Tami says that she is upset that she was not consulted on any of this. She wanted it noted in the minutes that she thinks that it was a requirement for her to be consulted. 
Debbie voices confusion about how people can work on the paper, thinks disclaimer is fine.
Vote of 5 to 2 on making a disclaimer regarding the paper and the board. Details will be worked out in the Media Communications Committee.

Street Market Update
Debbie summarizes our presentation to the SRA 
Jacek relays an incident where Ivan yelled at him outside the Carnegie, supposedly something about the market
It is generally agreed that the behavior was not in keeping with the DNC constitution, and will be referred to the membership committee.
Roland summarizes some emails with the health inspector, and also new the RPIC process and rotations

DJ: Amy Salmon
DJ's friend wants her friend to give a report on some people in Atira buildings that are getting kicked out and harassed.

Wednesday at 2pm on Feb 13th there will be a rally for Chelsea Holden
Thursday, February 14th - Women's Memorial March

Debbie - noted that DNC does not have a housing committee
Vision scrapped the green space and amenities on developments and now we have nothing

Upcoming Election
Leo - media claims that they are not biased, they are biased. They all take money from Oil.
Roland - maybe housing strategy can be pushed in the upcoming election
Helesia suggested that perhaps one or two issues be pushed in an all candidates meeting

Ludvik wants to add an agenda item or to make a motion to review the issues that DNC supports

James O brings up bottle exchange move
Atira is building market housing highrise apparently on that spot
Debbie - suggests that BC Housing should pull their support if they go ahead
Roland - We should get an answer from some people on the LAPP committee on what is going on here, and whether this project was submitted before or after the LAPP process.

Motion to adjourn~ 7pm.
Tami Starlight does the closing.