Thursday, 31 January 2013

DNC Board Meeting Jan 31, 2013

DNC Board Meeting Jan 31, 2013
Jacob's Well, 5:30pm to 7pm

Attendees: Jacek Lorek, Roland Clarke, Rob Morgan, Richard Cunningham,
Garvin Snider, DJ Joe, James Oickle, Bill Beauregarde, Diane Johnston, Debbie Krull, Ludvik Skalicky

New Board Members
Letters to Tami S and Herb V
Membership List
Banking Update
General Meeting
Street Market

Motion to adopt agenda. Richard C motions, Roland C seconds
Motion carries

Housekeeping - volunteers for cleanup

Roland C reads minutes of last board meeting
Motion to adopt minutes by Richard C
Roland C seconds, motion carries

Debbie K requests to be a natural community member of the DNC
Roland C moves to accept her request, Rob M seconds the motion
Motion carries


Discussion of appointment of at large board members

Roland C discusses the lack of women on the board and on the executive, which
is why it is urgent to appoint some women to the open board seats

Jacek L lists some of the women that want to be on the board of the DNC such as
Sandra Pronteau, Debbie Krull, Diane Johnston, and Jenn Allan

Roland C motions to accept Debbie Krull and Diane Johnston as at large board members
Rob M seconds the motion
Discussion centers around whether there are specific housing categories that 
they may fit into. General agreement to appoint them to the at large seats
Motion carries

Rob M motions to nominate Bill B for the open board seat in the homeless category, 
and Ludvik S for the open seat in the market housing category
Garvin seconds, Motion carries


Membership issues

Jacek L discusses membership list issues, and how we need a strategy to deal with keeping the 
list up to date. He has experience helping VANDU with their list. 
Discussion around striking a committee to deal with membership issues
Garvin - need to update the list before the next GM

Richard C motions to form a DNC Membership Committee with membership of 
Roland C, Debbie K, Jacek L, Diane J
Jacek L seconds, motion passes


Banking issues

Roland C gives a brief summary of the VanCity account needing BC filings, and
CCEC is almost done, just needs two more signers to go down to the bank and Kelvin B
to sign the signature card

Also a summary of the provincial filings going out. Signed by Garvin S and Roland C

Decision by board to include the new board members on the provincial filings


Letters to absentee board members

Discussion regarding letters to absentee board members
There are six board members that have missed 4 of the last 4 meetings
These board members are Tami S, Victoria B, Tracy M, Rocky R, Patrick F, Shannon B
Rob M volunteers to give Tami S, Victoria B and Tracy M their letters since he will see them soon

Rocky, Patrick, and Shannon will wait until we get an address or a person
to deliver the letters to them


Street Market

Richard C discusses RPIC job interviews on Saturday at 2pm
Debbie K tells that Kerry Jang said that there was dated eggs and sausages sold at market
Rob M says that we look for this as RPICs and we ask those vendors to leave


General Meeting Discussion

Discussion of holding GM and needing funds
Roland C discusses that we can defer paying Dodson, but we need money for stipends
General decision to not rush into holding a general meeting before we are ready as a board


General Business

Jacek L motions to create a Media Communications Committee (to control the DNC wordpress website, 
DNC email lists at povnet, the twitter account, the DNC gmail account, and all other electronic communication). 
The committee membership will include James O, Roland C, Jacek L, Ludvik S, and Bill B. 
James O seconds. Motion carries.


Rob M makes an announcement:
Idle no more is doing educational session at the longhouse at UBC 1pm-4pm tomorrow (Friday Feb 1) 

Discussion of DTEast and fact that there has been no discussion or reports 
given to the DNC board. Report from meeting on Monday with Helesia Luke where she
did highlight the fact that there could be potential liability issues if the
paper is sued, the board might be responsible. Decision to deal with DTEast issues
at a later date.

Motion to adjourn, motion carries

Moment of silence

Thursday, 24 January 2013

DNC Board Meeting Jan 24, 2013

DNC Board Meeting Jan 24, 2013

Board Attendees: Garvin Snider, Richard Cunningham, Roland Clarke, 
Jacek Lorek, James Oickle, Kelvin Bee
Other Attendees: Ludvik S, Sandra P, Debbie K, Bill B, Krista-Dawn

Richard cooks a delicious meal.

Kelvin does the opening

Mistakes in minutes, some spelling mistakes in peoples names were corrected

Jacek gives an update on the Pigeon Park Street Market.
New lot at 62 E Hastings within two weeks we will have access
We are still short of money, $500 in stipends per week is spent.
there are plans to make 3, maybe more extra days of market at 62 E Hastings

Roland - we are applying for two more grants, one for capital equipment
from CCF, and one for coordinator salary from Vancouver Foundation, in addition to looking for more private sponsorship, and we are getting help from HXBIA.

Richard - City and VPD in meeting was very impressed by art corner
They were sympathetic, and want to help us

Bill - Neighbourhood House would need a proposal to allow the market to use their space on Saturday

Jacek - Jacob's Well is kicking us out of the space, and doing this to all of the sub-committees

Krista - when did the street market start taking money from the City of Vancouver?

Roland - City of Vancouver has given the street market over $30,000 over the years, including the original grant that was used to hire Lyn Black that was written by Wendy Pedersen in early 2011.

Kelvin - was the money from SaveOnMeats approved by the DNC board? and is AFD going to be on the hook for this money?

Roland - The Street Market Committee approved the sponsorship, and the Street Market is autonomous. The Street Market has a legal agreement with VANDU, and their accountant is informed of all financial issues. Maggie Geiser is her name, please contact her. AFD does not to my knowledge have any formal relationship with the street market and therefore would never be held responsible for any financial decisions by the market. 

Sandra - is it true that people are selling at the market that are from Surrey?

Richard - we are collecting names of people that are vendors, and we are dealing with complaints about out of town vendors.

Roland - it is a low barrier market where anyone can set up if they want, therefore it is difficult to control who vends. If we get a complaint, we ask people to identify the vendors and we ask them for ID. It is important to have a process because we got many complaints against Chinese vendors and they turned out not to be from Richmond but actually were from Chinatown.

James - I did not know about the SaveOnMeats deal, but I have not been going to street market meetings.

Dates and times for the Street Market Meetings are announced, and everyone is invited to participate.

Street Market Meetings: 
--Saturday Meeting - 9am @ Jacob's Well (239 Main) for 1 hour
--Street Market Committee - 2nd and 4th Monday of every month @ VANDU at 4:30pm for 1 hour. 

Richard - the next meeting of the DTEast is Friday at 1:30pm for the DTEast. I am planning on going. 

Richard - we should figure out what is going on with the LAPP. Herb is not coming to board meetings, we should get a report from someone on what is going on since the DNC is the co-chair of the process

Kelvin - AFD pulled its members out of the LAPP. City gave $28 million to the new condo developer and we need to stop this.

Bill - how many board meetings can someone miss before being replaced?

Richard - we have a three meeting rule. If they do not notify us.

Meeting ends with moment of silence. No motions were made due to lack of quorum. 

Thursday, 17 January 2013

DNC Board Meeting January 17th, 2013

DNC Board Meeting January 17th, 2013

Board Attendees: Roland Clarke, James Oickle, Jacek Lorek, DJ Joe, Garvin Snider, Richard Cunningham, Kelvin Bee

Bill B, Helesia Luke, Ludvik S, Krista-Dianne

Meeting begins at about 5:45pm

DJ does the opening

Agenda discussion

Discuss results of DNC board development meeting with Helesia

Helesia - boiled down our discussion to three goals

Goal #1 - Social Housing
Goal #2 - Quality of Life in Neighbourhood
Goal #3 - The DNC activities are sustainable over 1-3 years

Advocating for higher welfare, better sources of food, illicit drinkers, exploitative labor practices

Helesia - also seems like there are lots of other activities that I don't know about

Discussion of Shelter Committee

Administration of medication by untrained staff
Roland - Udo was refused to help find him housing unless he agreed to have third party management of money

Kelvin - we have 8 members now homeless, last two weeks we had 12
We need to make sure we are united with the community on this issue
I've been told by AFD that I must be accountable when I work with the DNC

Garvin - lets pose this question to the membership. Poll the members on how many are homeless

Richard - many members of the illicit drinkers are now dead because of first united closing

Helesia - coroners report came out in October states numbers that were homeless
at the time of death

Helesia suggests contacting the ombudsman regarding shelter issues

Mary Ellen ???
Child and Youth Advocate for BC - located in Victoria

Garvin - visiting ottawa, might be able to visit Libby Davies

Helesia - maybe we could bring in politicians to discuss advocacy around shelters

Affordable housing

Kelvin - we should make sure that these issues get on the MLA radar for the election
We could overload Carnegie with people to ask them our questions.
I've been to two funerals in the last few days. We need to wake up.

Signatures collected for letters to CCEC bank and VanCity bank

Voter ID or Voter outreach strategy

Form alliance for better food strategy and nutrition

Helesia - there is a pot of money for coops if you wanted to start a coop

Kelvin - for the past two years we have been running a food bank
If you have a society, you can become a food bank.

Garvin - the door is open used to run a food bank, DNC could act as a food bank

Richard - could we have a community garden?

Garvin - we could try and start a DNC farmers market with the street market

Illicit Drinkers Issues

Garvin - MAP program
I was involved in a program where the city gave us money for a brew your own wine.
drop in program. 2L of wine given out.

DNC could help facilitate an illicit drinkers lounge

Decide to meet with Helesia on Monday night at 6pm to discuss planning goals and
subcommittee work. Everyone is invited. 

6:45pm - Helesia leaves, begin doing some post-AGM housekeeping motions

Motion that Garvin as secretary is authorized by the board 
to request all DNC documents from Ivan, Wendy, Leticia, and anyone else who may possess DNC documents.
Documents may include membership lists, phone lists, board minutes, AGM minutes, or any other
documents owned by the DNC. Also that Garvin cooperate with Leticia to file our legal papers with the
province in an appropriate time. 
Richard motions, Jacek Seconds, Motion carries

DJ Joe says that Tami Starlight and Tracy Morrison want to resign from board

Motion to send a letter to Tami Starlight, and Tracy Morrison asking whether they wish to resign
from the DNC board, and if so, please tell the board promptly.
Richard Motions, Jacek seconds, motion carries

Motion to request financial report from all subcommittees. These include the Street Market, 
the Shelter Committee, the DTEast, and any other subcommittee of the DNC that has any funding
or spending. 
Roland motions, Richard seconds, motion carries

Motion to have all passwords from DNC povnet email list, DNC websites, DNC facebook page, and all electronic
media associated with DNC to be given to Garvin.
Richard motions, Garvin seconds, motion carries

Motion to ask for records, receipts, invoices, etc... on how money was spent from VanCity 
account during the time that Tami Starlight was DNC treasurer
Roland motions, Jacek seconds, motion carries

How do we approach the at-large seats?

Garvin - we should do this at a general meeting

Jacek - board is actually who picks the at large members not the general meeting according to the constitution

Roland - give me a list of people to contact who we know wants to join the board

Ludvik Skaliky
Bill Beauregard
Krista-dianne kinsey
Diane Johnston
Debbie Kroll
Sandra Pronto
Hank Bee
Jamie Richardson

Roland - I will contact all the people who we know want to be board members

General agreement to invite all DNC members to the next board meeting and we will begin the process of 
appointing the at-large seats to the board

Motion to adjourn at 7pm, Kelvin does the closing

Saturday, 12 January 2013

DNC Board Development Meeting - January 12, 2013

Summary of Officer Elections: 
DNC Co-President: Richard Cunningham
DNC Co-President: Kelvin Bee

DNC Treasurer: Roland Clarke
DNC Secretary: Garvin Snider

The New DNC Signers are: Jacek Lorek, Richard Cunningham, Kelvin Bee, Rob Morgan
Previous signers are now no longer signers

Minutes of Meeting are as follows (for elections portion):
(for those in attendance, please let me know of any corrections or omissions)

DNC Board Development Meeting - January 12, 2013
Location: DTES Neighbourhood House
Starting time - 10:45am
Expected end time - 1:30pm

DNC Board Attendees: Kelvin B, Roland C, Jacek L, DJ Joe, Garvin S, Rob M, Richard C

Both Tami Starlight and Herb Varley were called shortly after 10am to remind them of 
the time and location of the meeting. All board members were emailed and texted about
this meeting on Thursday night, and previously.

Other Attendees: Helesia Luke - will facilitate

Prospective Atlarge Board Member attendees: 
Debbie Kroll, Ben Smith, Diane Johnson, Nick A, Bill B, Dean, Sheri, Sandra Pronto

Kelvin Does the opening

Garvin reads the constitution

Round of introductions

Richard, housekeeping - bathrooms, wash hands before food, respect the space

Richard passes meeting to Helesia

Roland - reviews what was decided at the last Thursday planning meeting regarding a planned agenda

Motion to approve agenda
Motion carries unanimously

Discussion of requirements in bylaws for officers
Helesia - interpretation of person of color should be how they identify themselves

Duties of President and Co-presidents

1) Represent the Board, Talk to Media, Sign letters on behalf of board
2) Time commitment?

Helesia - call for nominations for President and Co-chair

Richard Cunningham
Garvin Snider
Kelvin Bee
DJ Joe 
Rob Morgan

We all agree that there are 7 board members present and eligible to vote, this meets quorum requirement.

Short Speeches by everyone to explain why they are running for president

Miles Bruce counts the votes - Helesia's son
We generally agree that this is an acceptable protocol

We agree to announce just the winner and not the number of votes

Richard Cunningham is now one of the Co-Presidents of the DNC

Nominations for Vice-Chair, or other Co-President

Kelvin Bee
DJ Joe
Rob Morgan
Garvin Snider 

The first ballot, 3 votes was the winner, not a majority
We make a decision that the vote winner should be elected by a majority, not just a plurality
We will hold another vote
New nominations - after Garvin withdraws

DJ Joe
Kelvin Bee
Rob Morgan 

New vote - Kelvin and DJ tied for the win
Run off election now between the two of them

Kelvin is now elected as the Co-chair and other Co-President of the DNC

Richard and DJ nominate Roland as Treasurer
Roland Accepts nomination
No one else is nominated and no one else comes forward wishing to be treasurer.

Resolution to acclaim Roland as treasurer of the DNC
Mover - DJ, seconder - Kelvin
Motion passes

Nominations for secretary

Garvin Snider
Rob Morgan

Both accept their nominations

Garvin Snider is elected as the secretary of the DNC

Nominations for list of DNC signers

Jacek Lorek
Richard Cunningham
Kelvin Bee
Rob Morgan

All accept their new role as signers.
Motion to accept these signers for all DNC bank accounts, and that any previous signers are no longer signers.
These accounts include the CCEC account and the VanCity account. 

Rob M motions, Garvin S seconds
Motion carries

We eat the delicious lunch prepared by Bill, and offered by the neighbourhood house

12:00 noon

We invite everyone to the table to participate in the goal setting and planning section
of the meeting

1) What are you proud of?
2) What do you want to do in 2013? What does success look like?
3) What goals? What Strategies?

Miles will note take in this piece, I will join his notes with these for full minutes at a later time

Thursday, 10 January 2013

January 10th, 2013

Decide that Board Development Meeting will be at Neighbourhood House
at 10:30 -> 1:30pm on Saturday Jan 12, 2013


January 10th, 2013

Board Development Meeting Planning Meeting 

Attendees: Jamie R, James O, Jacek L, Roland C, Richard C, Bill B,
Garvin S, DJ, Ludvik


Beginning of discussion of goals at Board Dev. Meeting

Garvin - my priorities are: 
DTEast Paper
Keeping monthly general meetings going
Keeping board functioning
Maintaining other coalitions where DNC belongs

Helesia is not here yet

All agreed to go to neighbourhood house for board development meeting on 
Saturday, January 12   10:30am - 1:30pm (573 E. Hastings)

6:20 - Rob Morgan arrives

Bill B - neighbourhood house will donate food for the Saturday Board Dev. Meeting

Rob M - it was brought up at the VANDU board meeting 
that Ivan D has all
the passwords for the DNC email lists and the website

Garvin - on Saturday we can decide a procedure for taking control of the online
messaging. Suggests that we strike a 3 person committee for determining what 
goes on the websites and gets broadcast to the membership, and also to coordinate
the messaging with the DTEast newspaper committee.

Garvin - questionaire for the membership?

Jacek - Helesia is not here yet, we as a group need to suggest things and 
ok it for distribution to general members

Roland - questions on housing
Garvin - something around safety issues in neighbourhood
Jacek - we can get all the questions at the board dev meeting
Bill - access to food
Garvin - speed and traffic issues
Ludvik - single parent issues, visitation rights
Jamie - lamplighter rules mean parents have to go in one at a time

Decisions about election rules

Elect officers sequentially in this order
1) Elect a president
2) Elect another co-president
3) Elect a Treasurer
4) Elect a Secretary

Elections will be preceded by a short (3min) speach
Elections will be by secret ballot
All officer positions will be separately held by different people
Before election of second co-president, decision will be made if any 
requirements of bylaws need to be met by the second co-president (woman, or person of color)

Next part will be decision to pick new signers of the bank accounts
(CCEC, and VanCity)

Next, we will do a round of goal setting and priorities to report to general membership

We decide to do lunch after the elections and financial stuff, and then to the goal setting work

Meeting ends with moment of silence

Thursday, 3 January 2013

DNC Board Development Meeting Planning Meeting on January 3rd, 2013

Sorry for not getting this out sooner. 
Let me know if you guys have any additions or corrections.
I will try and print out copies of this before our next meeting for those that did not attend.


DNC Board Development Meeting Planning Meeting on January 3rd, 2013

Attendees: Tracy Morrison, Jacek Lorek, Roland Clarke, Garvin Snider, DJ Joe
James Oickle, Kelvin Bee, Dave Murray

Garvin brings Helesia Luke from Ethos who may facilitate our board development meeting

Round of introductions
Helesia tells about herself, cofounder of ethos, also on RSCH 
(regional steering committee on homelessness), works with environmental groups

Garvin reviews our last meeting where we talked about planning a board development meeting

Helesia asks a number of questions about the DNC

DJ Joe leaves at about 5:50pm

Helesia talks about setting priorities for the development meeting, and can not possibly 
do all the things that we want in one meeting... ie) set priorities, build board processes,
and elect officers, how committees report back, etc...

6:10pm Herb Varley, Shannon Bundock, Louise arrives

New round of introductions

Helesia asks questions again to figure out what we can accomplish during the board development meeting.
Discusses teaching some best practices around how to conduct meetings.

Forming, Storming, and Norming stages of groups
Helps to be aware of where we are in the cycle

Environmental movement calls this the inside outside strategy. 
Inside - negotiation, Outside - blocking roads, etc...

Herb discusses the conflict resolution recommendations that were voted on at the Pre-AGM
We need to now discuss how we are going to impliment some of the recommendations

Garvin - part of the development process could be to set some of these recommendations as
goals, and then the board could impliment this over time

Helesia - there are two ways to go in terms of structuring Saturday, 
structure first, governance and then later go into the planning and visioning
Blue Sky - one to two year plan, and decide on what organization we need to build to get there

Kelvin - the goals have to be presented to the AGM because this is in our constitution,
also, there is an action at the border on Saturday for Idle No More, and this conflicts 
with our planned board development meeting

Garvin - we can delay the board development meeting if the date conflicts

Helesia - do we need to do a poll of members?

Kelvin - this should be examined

Tracy - last meeting was just a list of things that we've done. It would be good 
to ask the membership what the priorities should be. Not that the priorities were
not good, but we should ask the membership.

Garvin - I also support a survey to the general membership

Herb - Could this be the focus of our next general meeting?

Helesia - many strategic planning sessions begin with a member survey

maybe 5 questions at the most, with multiple choice
Helesia - set a goal for the survey

Herb - we need to develop the capacity of some of the board members because
last year most of the work was done by only a few members. We need to figure
out who can mentor who, etc...

Helesia - doing membership survey would put us in great position to look for
money for claricle support

city of Vancouver and vancouver foundation supports this kind of thing

Richard Cunningham joins at around 6:45

Herb - perhaps we could do quarterly planning meetings to try and accomplish 
all of this stuff

Helesia - city of vancouver has capacity building grants, they can do workshops
on legal, other things to build capacity

Herb - great idea to hand out the survey at the general meetings

Helesia - I use survey monkey

Herb - another organization I sit on does board evaluations before the AGM

Garvin - could we put it in DTEast?

Shannon - we've tried surveys in past without much success, but we could try it. 
Hand out at the meetings still seems like the best idea

Richard - I know at VANDU when we did board evaluations, we did a 1-4 scale for
rating people anonymously

Herb - 12, 19, 26 are the Saturdays coming up

Garvin - Saturday, the 12th of January

Helesia - I can do a draft agenda for next week

We agree to come together next week on Thursday, Jan 10th, to finalize the planning for the board development meeting