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DNC Board Meeting Minutes - April 26, 2012

DNC Board meeting minutes
April 26 2012

Present: Harold, Kelvin, Wendy, Roland, Ann, Ivan
Guests: Dave D, Jacek

 1.    Opening and introductions
 2.    Committee reports
 a)    Street market
 b)    DTES Not for Developers
 c)    Homeless shelters committee
 d)    LGBTI2Q
 e)    Police committee
 f)      LAPP
3.      Board business
 g)    Treasurer report
 h)    Board development
 i)      General meeting
 4.    New business
 a)    Taskforces
 b)    Pipelines

- Opening by Kelvin


-        We tried the fixed-ticket-price at the street market this week and it was very successful. The amount of tickets sold matched exactly with the amount of money that we ended up with.
-        We also broke the record for the amount of money made
-        Vendors like the table-rental deal because they know they make more money if they have a table.
-        The market has made $595 since January. And even more importantly the month of April is looking like it may be a $500 month.
-        Tell your friends to bring things down to the market and donate them to DNC

-        Since the Development Permit Board decision on Monday we held a meeting Tuesday at 11am to debrief the meeting and plan next steps. There were 50 people there and it was very encouraging
-        Today some sub-committees met and outlined the meetings we have tomorrow and Tuesday.
-        The Intro to Civil Disobedience meeting Friday at 2pm will be broken up into history, safety and organizing, and why civil disobedience.
-        We also talked about the townhall we are organizing Tuesday to plan the next steps of the coalition
-        The problems we were talking about included how to work on local issues without being isolated, and to expand the politics of the campaign.
-        We are also worried that if we expand out coalition out of the neighbourhood that we might lose our emphasis on homeless people, Aboriginal people and colonialism
-        The agenda for the townhall meeting Tuesday is:
-        Campaigns (DTES specific and city or province-wide)
-        Organization (DTES specific and committee structure, and city/province network)
-        Remember to include timeline of what is coming up

-        It was interesting to meet with the director of the shelter, the power dynamics were completely switched.
-        There were 1,500 people who went through First United in the past month
-        Also met with Noreen who is a woman staying at the shelter and who is very connected. She told us about the meetings with women at the shelter, and what they asked for that is not being done. It's a good step because we have had only about five women coming to our shelter organizing meetings.
-        Karen O'Shaughnercy should be ashamed because you are doing such good work with First United with the approval of management and she blocked you.
-        The Lookout client advisory board is structured to stop homeless people from meaningfully participating
-        At the Greater Vancouer shelter advisory panel they said that they wanted to have formerly homeless people involved in their work. We said that we are both formerly homeless and that everyone in the DNC shelter committee is formerly or actively homeless.
-        They were very happy that we were there and were finally chasing after us.

-        The first meeting of the LGBTI2Q committee is Saturday 3pm. Move it to Jacob's Well.
-        I think we should organize this through targeted calling and postering
-        I'll make a poster.
-        I'll coordinate people to call.

-        The police committee is working on research about how much money is spent on policing and how many arrests are happening. We need to put together research in a way that is understandable.
-        We tend to go out to do our most organized patrols on Friday nights after our police committee meetings. And I think they're hiding from us.
-        We finally had a meeting with the VPD about The Beat TV. They're done filming now so we're kind of screwed because they have their footage.
-        I think we finally got a meeting about this because Jamie was complaining about his harassment and character defamation by Constable Sean Shipper.
-        At the meeting they said that we should not issue so many police complaints because it's white noise, they won't pay attention to us anymore. And they said that we should not be so aggressive. But that's the only way we got our meeting.
-        Come to the police committee meetings, 6pm on Fridays at Ann's.

-        There is a LAPP committee meeting on Governance on Saturday from 10am to 2pm at Native Health. It will be the last weekend meeting. It was a cave-in to Scott Clark about Alive's letter.
-        The meeting agenda will include: conflict resolution process; opening and closing protocol principles.
-        There is friction in the LAPP between Alive and AFD because Alive has attacked AFD openly and insulted its elder. I take that seriously.
-        The work I do in this community is not because I'm being paid. I get very hurt and offended when people assault and can't come to our doors and say the things they need to say.
-        This individual has been a problem everywhere he goes but we're forced to deal with him anyhow
-        We're going to this meeting reluctantly but we're going anyhow.
-        The meeting Saturday is in Native Health on the second floor
-        I don't think it's going to be too bad, we're not going to lose too much ground on the terms of reference because Penny does not support revisiting the TOR.
-        Can we just ask people to leave if they're going to constantly disrupt things? Can we make a motion to do this?
-        It is our goal to use as much democratic process as possible to make the space fair and comfortable to everyone and disrupt disruptors when they arise.
-        The other thing that's coming up is the Social Impact Study. The city has promised to do this for two years. Last year our group got the city on the right track, and the city didn't like it so they closed it down and now it's back. It seems like it's pretty weak.
-        As is the city Social Impact Study will be tasked with identifying “Social Impact Indicators,” like rent increases and feeling welcome. But it will not be able to stop or slow development, just identifying problems.
-        CCAP is also funding an independent social impact study series with people in the neighbourhood.
-        The biggest problem with the LAPP is that Penny is saying that she demands Ivan be taken off as DNC co-chair.
-        My initial instincts on this, and maybe they're wrong. I was really concerned about the action at city hall that was the week before, that we not have too much edgy stuff. That we not go too far, that we not push too far. There was less unpredictability and it was all planned.
-        In this situation the police provoked it, but from an outside point of view, an outsider could say why is this extremely large man screaming his head off, and dismiss us.
-        I'm totally fine with going for it on the street, and having really well organized discussions about civil disobedience. We have to make sure there are places for everyone of every comfort level to participate.
-        It will always be a tactic used by the media and the government to always use the right camera shot to make us look bad.
-        But also there's a very real reason that Sinn Finn and the IRA were separate bodies, because it's hard to be a soldier and negotiate at the same time.
-        But it's one thing to make that decision in advance and plan it and another to capitulate to pressure from the city.
-        AFD feels that Ivan should not resign from the committee. We appreciate his work on the LAPP and outside the LAPP in organizing the community.
-        I don't feel that Penny should be able to dictate to DNC what we do with our committee members and who represents our groups on the LAPP committee.
-        If Penny does it now, who else is she going to push off, for what actions and why?
-        But I also think that maybe Ivan's time could be better spent elsewhere. There's so much other work going on too.
-        It's really hard to make a decision with few board members here and it also concerns our other allies on the committee as well. If the city keeps pushing that we have to do this and we have to do that then it becomes a constant pressure on us.
-        It's not even appropriate to propose to take someone off the committee unless she has something to offer back.
-        Penny suggested that she could pull the plug on the LAPP process
-        The frustration in the group is very high. It doesn't feel like we're doing any productive planning.
-        We could also write a thoughtful letter that says that our decisions are made through careful process and discussions and Ivan does not have a cult where he always gets his own way.
-        There is an additional dynamic that makes this a problem, that Ivan gets wages through Carnegie which they see as a city building and institution.
-        I'm sorry if I made things worse by stepping in when the cops attacked Ivan
-        Ivan was not just yelling about something, he was criticizing the problem with the meeting in the room
-        We should not buy into the media story and the city's story that we were violent. The police attacked us for making a critical argument.
-        Also, this was not LAPP that organized this, it was the coalition.
-        It's not about me. It's about the power dynamics. They are isolating me to push back our resistant forms of negotiating and organizing and policing how we organize.
-        The accusations from this person slanderizing, Ivan needs to decide what to do with that information and how to respond.
-        So we can respond to Penny with a letter about how we see what happened
-        If they continue to insist that we have to get rid of Ivan from the LAPP or they'll fold the committee then we need to talk about it again.
-        It's clear that the City has no intention of doing what is decided by this committee, so if Penny wants to fold the committee and be so petty then let her go ahead.
-        This whole process is where we learn and radicalize and gain all kinds of experience
-        Should I come to the governance meeting Saturday or will it trigger everyone in the wrong way?
-        AGREED: Will go.
-        I felt like I did at the Chinatown Heights review: we lost the battle but we're winning the war of organizing our community.
-        I believe Ivan should still be there because he's still part of the LAPP and the alternate chair.
-        If he doesn't go then people on our side who he is supposed to represent will be mad and he'll be getting it from both sides.
-        Motion for Ivan to cut his hair before Saturday (no seconder)


DECISION: Board development workshop Saturday May 12, 10am to 6pm at the Lore Krill Coop at 239 E. Georgia.
-        Harold, Ivan, Wendy, Tami.

DECISION: Theme to be on Homeless Shelter Bill of Rights
DECISION: Follow same format as last month, food before with footage etc.

MOTION: That the motions be clipped from our board meeting minutes and sent out to our members by email and posted on the website on a special page each week. (Delayed to quorum next week)

-        Pipelines
-        SRO and Methadone Taskforces
-        Discussion on cut-backs affecting the neighbourhood.


Thursday, 19 April 2012

DNC Board Meeting Minutes - April 19, 2012

DNC Board Meeting
April 19th, 2012
Meeting Minutes: Jada
Chair: Wendy

Attendance: Kelvin, Wendy, Roland, Yasik, Ann, Charles, Jada, Harold, Herb, Jamie, Kelvin, Craig, Terri, Ivan, DJ, Wendy Chu, Jen, Rob Morgan, Dave D.

1) Introductions & Openings


·         Acknowledgements & Opening


·         Introductions


·         Overview of Agenda

2) Board Business


·         Board Development Meeting on the 28th

·         Are we able to pull this off or postpone it after the general meeting in May


·         We should postpone it until there is a lull


·         We could do it the Saturday after the next general meeting, the 10th

·         Do we feel like it’s too rushed to do it on the 28th?


·         General meeting is on May 5th


·         How many people think we should postpone it until May 12th?


·         It depends on when we can get people there, for the people who aren’t coming to board meetings and when someone has time to meet with them and motivate them to come to the board development meeting

·         We need a period, a week in advance to get together with these people

·         I can’t do it before the 28th, maybe someone else can?


·         Tentatively set for May 12th?


·         We should firmly set one for May 12th

·         We’re overdue, we should prioritize it

·         We should ask Harold to book a room in the Laurie Croel

·         11-5pm ?

Motion: Board Development Meeting 100% Saturday May 12th from 11-5pm in the Laurie Corel
Motioned by Harold, second by Jamie

3) Street Market Report


·         I was elected key master for the 50/50 draw

·         Slowly adding more things to supplement the budget

·         50/50 added revenue, donations too and we managed that

·         Last 2 weeks we bought 20 tables, started renting those to vendors

·         $2 a piece, I don’t want to go any higher than that

·         The strategy is if they don’t have the $2 at first, I walk around afterwards and collect it later

·         The idea is that they will make more money if they have a table

·         We had coffee last week, 50 cents a cup

·         We might have ice to drink as well, could work for a hot day

·         All volunteers get a free cup of coffee, it’s an added amenity, sell the rest

·         With all that, the DNC made more money than before…$94 in one day!


·         When I was there last week, I was cop-watching

·         A lot of the vendor, I took pictures of their merchandise with their permission to put on the DNC website to get more exposure


·         We should charge them for that


·         We don’t want to be capitalists


·         We can design this social enterprise that is fair

·         Create a tax item that benefits

·         I brought a bunch of recommendations at the last meeting, all the commercial enterprise we had governance over…..clarification…complaints about fairness on the raffle.  We need to make sure that it is a fair raffle and the perception is fair

·         If there is a discounted ticket, it will be a different colour

·         If we’re doing it properly, if we have a permit or not is no big deal, issue of getting rejection

Motion: For Roland to operate 50/50 draw to the standards of legal 50/50 draws
Moved by Ann, second by Kelvin.  One abstention


·         Will text Dave Hamm and Lorna the motion


·         If we continue to collect money as we’re going, we can possibly buy 2 tents ever month and by the end of summer we’ll have enough to cover every vendor during rainy season


·         Needs storage


·         There shouldn’t be 2 different people running the market

·         Cannot be done without volunteers

·         Volunteers shouldn’t have power of things like where tables and tents go because they go to the same place to the same people which means there are favors to certain people

·         The market is for everybody


·         I don’t want to fight that extra battle


·         Worry about dynamics of the board overruling the market committee

·         The 2 people who are upset about this, Dave and Lorna, aren’t here

·         They might be nervous or overwhelmed, or intimidated by the majority board, but I’m not sure if that is the case

·         I believe in the street market, it’s an incredible thing

·         One part of the street market is to support vendors to take control over the market and run the market

·         Sometimes there are problems like this comes up, but it’s part of the culture of street vending

·         Too organized from above by the board? We need to be sensitive about this


·         I kinda agree with Ivan

·         Let us run the financials, but let the vendors run the market

·         I don’t feel comfortable making the decisions without Dave and Lorna


·         I will go to the street market committee and nobody will show up

·         Do a Dodson meeting for the street vendors, and vote themselves a steering committee

·         Accountability for the vendors

·         I think we have a budget for one, and one for a celebration that I don’t think we held

·         Stipend for a sprawling “vendors meeting” on a Sunday morning, and we should start planning this now


·         I was at the inter-urban meeting

·         Distinctly remember common themes were – bathrooms, electricity, safety, tents, and not go to that other site

·         Tables and tents we can work on

·         Power could be an affordable


·         The market could do better moving further ahead

·         Different exposure


·         Advised to make a motion on the proposal of the date


·         The City wants us to do a report for the grant


·         I’ll do it, I’ll contact Maggie


·         Motion to apply for a grant for the VanCity for social enterprises, we could really support, due April 30th


·         I’ll look into this

4) LAPP Report


·         An update

·         Suppose to have a governance meeting sometime this week, but there has been a building tension in the room

·         Kelvin is feeling bullied

·         We’re going to have Kelvin and some AFD people there, and try do deal with this


·         I’m tired

·         When Wendy called on AFD to come on board with the LAPP, we helped with the building blocks of the LAPP. Wendy only knew me

·         I took it on out of respect

·         People came in and out, that was ok

·         When the LAPP started back in March, this Scott Clark and his crew, every time I did opening prayers, an opening no more no less, keeps getting up and going out

·         It’s ignorance, their issue

·         This week, both myself and Mona Woodward, she’s had enough, she’s seen this since it started

·         Our office will no longer be attending the LAPP meetings until this is dealt with Scott Clark and his teachings

·         He’s First Nations, I know that, not sure where he’s from

·         We as AFD have called on elders and one of the elders have declined because they have dealt with this person before and they don’t want to go back

·         As of right now, I’m exhausted, I’m tired

·         I don’t want to be there if he’s going to be there


·         Not just leaving in the opening

·         We traditionally have a moment of silence for murdered and missing women, and people who have passed who we want to honor

·         Scott also leaves during that

·         What does that say?

·         Mr. Clark wasn’t going to be involved, but I talked to people in the First Nations community and they said no matter where he goes he eventually burns his bridges

·         I thought well he can do that in front of everybody

·         I didn’t anticipate this tension between Kelvin and Scott, I feel bad about that

·         He’s going to go out and cry out in public about everything

·         He consistently speaks against the terms of reference, and so does his actions

·         We even have business people on our side


·         Unfortunately he is on another planet

·         In the same frame of mind, we have to stand on where he is coming from

·         He worked for UNN and got fired

·         I’m not saying I’m all for him

·         But we have to do it in a democratic process

·         He’s going to cry to the media that the LAPP committee kicks him out

·         We have to act, as DNC, come together and say this is our voice


·         It’s important to figure out what Scott represents, like what Rob said

·         His emergence here isn’t an accident

·         He’s useful for someone

·         There are organizations he’s useful for

·         The opportunity we have is to expose the real problems he represents

·         We have to be careful

·         Not to mistake Scott representing an individual, but he also represents the Inner City Coalition

·         This organization is an outsiders position to destroy the low-income community

·         LAPP is to protect and improve the low-income community in the DTES

·         Scott is the embodiment of the opposite position of the low-income community

·         He hates street people, addicts, alcoholics, he wants to see them dispersed

·         We need to fight against this idea, and defend the low-income community


·         We’re a community

·         He’s the point man for the opposite point of view

·         He’s been disrespectful at the openings and closings

·         We should exile him by turning our backs to him, he’s invisible, no response, nothing from anyone, he does not exist, do not give him any recognize him, don’t talk about him, don’t respond to him, nobody hears him, nobody responds to him


·         AFD is not going to pull out because they’ve seen their elder been abused, mentally and spiritually

·         The idea of coming forward with who I have for support for when we do this work together for the LAPP, it’s important that they understand that it might end up coming to that – the turnaround – turning our back on him, that really puts them in place

·         The only way you could break that is if Scott can explain why he should be brought back to the LAPP, and why he should be involved again

·         Right now he’s high on his horse, but now we’re trying to get him to come back down to the human level


·         What Rob said, doing the democratic process is the best way to go about it because of the LAPP

·         The meetings were cancelled this week because we didn’t want to go about it without Kelvin


·         He’s crying for the governance meeting


·         He doesn’t recognize the LAPP as a legitimate group

·         He’s challenging our authority


·         If he’s challenging the LAPPs authority

·         That means he’s winning


·         Not have the governance meeting until he has mediation


·         Ever since from day 1 of the LAPP committee

·         Scott has been crying, he says the same thing over and over

·         All of a sudden he decides to back out


·         No it was us who backed out, because AFD doesn’t want to


·         He’s from an urban reserve near Victoria

·         Tom missed the last meeting

·         Tom did not see that

·         He had no understanding of that

·         I was right near Scott

·         I remember him abstaining on every vote

·         He didn’t have any sympathy in the group, they were pissed off at Scott’s attitude

·         He seems to have sympathy because Tom wasn’t aware


·         Tom is aware with the issues with Scott

·         He doesn’t want to be the South African guy kicking out a native guy


·         It’s extremely distressing

·         Phone and talk to everyone in the group to get rid of him


·         When you bring a young person on board, they follow the culture and customs of their mentor

·         Scott is teaching this young person disrespect

·         It’s not my place to say….

·         When we left, I just happened to be outside the door…Scott and his crew

·         Then when we walked out the door, they were right behind us, like being radared

·         I just had to laugh, and I left

·         Teachings are very important, Wendy and Ivan know that, thank you

5) Homeless Committee Report


·         Nothing new, we can skip

6) Vancouver Copwatch Report


·         Very busy in the last week

·         Signed an agreement with the DTES Neighbourhood House

·         1-3pm every Saturday – police brutality

·         Miami made an appearance in the DTES

·         Confrontation with Jamie

·         Got an investigation into Miami


·         Allegations against me

·         Filed a legal claim and official complaint

·         Got a response

·         Jennifer has also filed a complaint


·         Any decisions that we need to make?


·         Did a poster of Shawn Shipper – this man is armed and dangerous to people in the DTES

·         Contact Mike Sears

·         We let him know that he’s not welcomed to be here in the DTES

·         Now he’s not here!


·         Now he’s publically lied

·         His testimony is now suspect


·         The Beat – strategy is to go online to file a complaint

·         When you see the Beat Team, you record time and place online

·         Shawn Shipper – his father’s name is Brian Shipper who is the producer of the Beat

·         Very interesting

·         The police are so top-heavy, they don’t even know what to do when something like this comes to life

·         There needs to be a memorandum of understanding between the filming crew and policeman on-duty

·         If they are not on duty, they are armed….


·         We have to empower our community to fight back


·         The police committee is going to work on preparing a powerpoint with statistics for the DNC to report

·         It’s a campaign of DNC


·         Do we have responsibilities for making decisions?


·         This is fine right now

·         We can maybe to clarify it at the board development meeting

·         Good work is being done

7) Treasurer’s Report


·         $708 left

·         I believe the legal papers are ready for VanCity


·         Need to sign them tomorrow by 3

·         I have some receipts

8) DTES Not for Developers Campaign


·         Tuesday 75 people and a dog to go up to City Council

·         Disrupted for an hour and a half

·         As soon as we came, Mayor and Council took a recess, Mayor never came back

·         Councillors agreed to a meeting

·         The most powerful speeches were made when Council wasn’t around

·         There was a young man, homeless, he spoke, I was 10 ft away and barely heard him

·         When he panhandles by Woodwards he gets spat on and hot coffee thrown at him

·         Hue Lampkin and I were kind of the 2 main spokespeople up there

·         We had a lot of people vent

·         City Council members came out to talk to us

·         We got stonewalled, non-committal responses

·         We asked them to atleast put off this Pantages decision

·         Council said their hands are tied and have to go through with the process

·         When we go to the development permit board, we’re going to go with about 10 speakers, but we’re not going to limit anyone else who wants to speak from the community

·         Since the development permit board is appointed, not elected, not from the community, they are not qualified to make this decision based on this alone, they are not informed enough to make a decision

·         We can’t get them a decision, but we can get them to defer it back to Council so Council can make a decision, so they can say yes or no

·         We also have other ideas, like sending information packages to the DP board before Monday

·         Depending on what happens there, we’ll have more actions after that


·         Last run to the development permit board decision

·         We’ve been petitioning on Main and Hastings for weeks

·         Action 2 Tuesdays ago, strong resistance tone

·         This week, the feeling continued in Council’s chambers

·         It felt like we were building community while defending the community

·         All of these things at once

·         Earnest and authentic sense of space

·         Thing on Monday – demonstration outside, at 2:15pm at City Hall

·         Meet at Carnegie at 1:30, go to demonstration at 2:15 with speakers before we go in

·         Speakers list starts at 3pm


·         Don’t ask me at the last minute to speak


·         Then we’re going to have a follow-up at the Carnegie Theathre

·         Rally set 11am on Tuesday to report back on what happened and decide next steps

·         Friday 27th 2:00pm for gym for civil disobedience training, 2-5pm

·         SF Public Interest Research Group will help

·         Shannon is making a poster to put it up tomorrow

·         No matter what they decide on Monday, we will continue our work

·         We still have another 589 condo units proposed for the neighbourhood

·         We’re ready to go ahead with next steps


·         I apologize for not attending

·         Thank you Herb

·         I was there in spirit


·         Most people were happy with how the situation was handled

·         Some divisions on how far to go and not go, but there was a consensus

·         People felt pretty good coming out from that rally

·         We still have a lot of work to do to get more members of the community to come out to these rallies

·         3,000 people sign the petition, so there is lot of support

·         Larger numbers would be more successful

·         Civil disobedience training is really helpful

·         Not everyone is on the same page on how to act in any situation, so civil disobedience training will help people

·         Marc Williams could start construction any time after it’s approved

·         Involve tactical planning

·         The more prepared we are the better


·         We’re going to have to do those same tactics

·         If it passes on Monday, then we’re going to have to get trained

·         Not everyone is trained

·         This would be a really good opportunity for people to know what to say and what not to say


·         March 2009 Mayor Robertson traumatized me when a man was murdered in front of me

·         I woke up screaming because I thought cops were shooting me, because of what he said to me

·         He should be reminded


·         That was only my second time at City Hall, super fun

·         You stand there, and there is nothing they can do

·         Adrian Carr promised to bring up a vote to bring it back to Council


·         There was nothing procedural she could do

·         She’s the only one interested

·         She’s alone

·         She’s blocked by it

·         We’ve been emailing with Andrea Reimer

·         Get a letter why technically the development permit can turn this down

·         LAPP Committee wrote the letter

·         There is a legal aspect going on that is going on the same time


·         Demonstrations take a lot of energy out of you


·         Everyone on the board should come on Monday

·         Ask AFD to do a powerful drum opening

·         Solidarity notes choir will come and sing there

·         It won’t be a draining rally


·         Probably should have 1 or 2 DNC speakers

·         Some people are going to come to the CCAP meeting tomorrow


·         It’ll wreck our momentum if it goes on more than 1 day

·         We should call people this weekend to let people know


·         I’ll do some calls


·         Anyone else? Jada, Herb, Roland, Ivan, Rob, Wendy

·         Next Thursday is Jacob’s Well AGM

·         We should move our meeting, and then do a presentation for thank you and give them a gift

·         Ideally the presidents who present to them


·         Sure


·         Board can bring themselves over to the AFD for space at that date, but start at 6pm


·         I’m missing so many meetings because I’m busy working and on other boards

·         It would work better for me at 4pm instead of 5pm


·         I think it’s ok to move the time because we’re having it next week at AFD but the rest should be a bigger discussion


·         Motion to adjourn the meeting

·         Second by DJ

·         Motion carries.